This tutorial was made for Paint Shop Pro. If you don’t have this program you can download a free trial here or here
Transparency and animation don’t work with Microsoft Paint.

1. Double click the desired parts into the building area to make your blinkie.
To make it transparent choose the light green background.

2. Press the “Print Scrn” or “Prt Scr/Sys Rq” button on your keyboard
   (If this doesn’t work, try pressing “Alt” + “PrntScrn”)

3. You won’t notice anything happens when you press it, it’s ok, because all it does is simply take a picture of the screen


4. Open up a graphics/paint program (Microsoft Paint, Adobe, Paint Shop Pro, etc)

5. Go to “Edit” > “Paste” or press “ctrl” and “v” (of your keyboard) at the same time

6. You’ll see the whole screen on your canvas

7. Select your image until you only have the blinkie using the selection tool

8. Press “Edit” > “Copy”

9. Press “File” > “New”

10. Press “Edit” > “Paste”

11. Only your doll will appear

12. Now you are going to make your image transparent.
 Press “Colors” > “Set Palette Transparency”

13. This dialog boxes will appear...

Click on the image so set the green color as your palette entry

14. Press “Colors” > “View Palette Transparency”

Your image will look like this.....

15. Press “File” > “Save as...”

16. Select where you want the file to be saved and choose a name for the file. Press “Save”. Save as a “.gif”

17. Now you have to make two other images following the same instructions before, so you have all your images to start your animation. You’ll need 3 images to make the sample blinkie.

18. If you want an animated blinkie, you'll need a program to make the animation in. Adobe Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro come with their own programs for making animations. If you don't have one of these programs, you will have to download an animation program. You can download a free trial of Jasc Paint Shop Pro here. You can't make animations using paint.

19. Open Jasc Animation Shop.

20. Press “File” > “New”

21. This dialog box will appear. Be sure to check “Transparent”

22. Press “Animation” > “Insert Frames” > “From File”

23. This dialog box will appear. Press “Add File” and add the first image you have saved in your hard drive and so on till you have added the 3 images.
With “Delay time” you’ll give your blinkie the desired speed, less time more speed.

24. This secquence will appear.

25. Click the empty frame. Right click your mouse and delete.

26. Press “View” > “Animation”

27. Press “File” > “Save as...”

28. Your blinkie is finished and animated.
       Now you can make as many combinations as you like.

Hope these instructions have been helpful to you. Good Luck!!!