Please read these rules before taking any graphics of my site

. You can adopt my dollz and graphics, display them on your website, use       them in your layout or in your chatroom signature.
. You must link back to my site ( a text       link or banner is aceptable. You can get banners in the Links section.

You May NOT:
. Display these dolls on your  website without a link back.
. Steal my dollz and claim them as your own.
. Remove my copyright/name symbol.
. Direct-link, and that goes not only for dollz, but anything on this site.           Direct linking is.illegal, it is considered Bandwidth Theft. Please save            them to your hard drive and upload them to your own server.
. Copy my tutorials in any way. If you would like to add them to a list of         tutorials please email me first.
. Have these dolls on your website for others to adopt.
. Enter these dolls in contests.
. Use any images that compromise this site.
. Display my work on any website requiring a password to enter it,                 mainly Msn groups.
. Display my dollz in any sites promoting hate, abuse or racism of any           type or porn sites.

If you are unsure of any of the rules above, feel free to email me!

Thanks a lot! I hope you enjoy your time here!